I-shop Plus (ISP) is one of the official tokens in the iShop ecosystem and runs on Ethereum Blockchain and compactible with ERC20 Ethereum wallets.

It can be used for shopping and making payment on the iShop platform https://i-shop.com.ng, for peer to peer transactions, cross boarder payment and will also be the designated payment currency of the iShop Academy https://ishoptoken.com/cryptoacademy_reg/ and Ishop Advertising Platform https://ishoptoken.com/advert/.

ISP will also provide passive incomes to investors and community at large and a tradebale pair at many exchanges and I-Shop Exchange (IShopEx... Coming soon).


  1. Total Supply : 1,500,000. ISP
  2. Cir. Supply : 800,000 ISP
  3. Ticker: ISP
  4. Decimal : 18
  5. Etherscan Address URL link: Visit
  6. ERC20 token explorer Etherscan: Visit

Use the below settings parameters to setup/App the token to your Wallet :

  1. Contract Address : 0x3db1678170418D1014012f855E2DdA492f35C289
  2. Token Name: iShop Plus
  3. Token Symbol: ISP
  4. Decimal: 18


  1. ISP is currently trading on Bitcratic exchange and other exchanges: https://ishoptoken.com/exchanges/ There is an ongoing talk with the following exchanges
  2. BankCex
  3. SWFT Blockchain
  4. Etherflyer
  5. Catex
  6. Fatbtc and more
  7. ABIT Exchange


In ISHOP PLUS provision has been made to buy off the exchanges, this initiative is to help the newbie in crypto, those who are not too good to use the exchanges and those who want to use their iShop Token (IST) to purchase iShop plus (ISP) at the exchange current price. All you need to do is to chat up with the CEO/Admin of ISP on this Telegram link : Mr. Kenny https://t.me/kennyISToken or you join our telegram group: https://t.me/iShoptoken to connect with the CEO to avoid being scammed

While every Crypto Investors all over the world can buy ISP on Bitcratic Exhange by clicking the below link:


We strongly encourage using our LISTED EXCHANGES frequently to trade our Token in order to take the value up to the moon

For more enquiries or purchase assistance , contact CEO @KennyISToken.

BE GUIDED : Please DO NOT accept DM/PM from anyone, and no Admin will chat you first. (avoid Scammers)

Thanks for you patronage.

@ISTP... in God we trust