Blockchain Use Cases

Companies are taking notice of these business benefits and embracing blockchain technology for its wide-reaching possibilities. From manufacturing to healthcare to supply chain and beyond, blockchain has much to offer. The state of West Virginia, for example, used the technology for electronic absentee voting through a mobile app — across 30 different countries. Military members and their families stationed overseas were able to let their voices be heard as a result. Dubai has embraced blockchain with the intention of being “the first city fully powered by blockchain by 2020.” The Dubai Blockchain Strategy will focus on improving government efficiency, industry creation and international leadership. Vermont is running a pilot program to allow insurance companies to register and file state-required documents using a blockchain. Based on these three examples, it’s clear blockchain will be instrumental in smart cities. Other industries are set to benefit as well. NASA is considering using a blockchain to ensure trusted, secure aircraft flight data. Other possible use cases include payment processing, copyright protection, reliable data backup, recordkeeping, title transfers, and even tax regulation and compliance.

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